X-Ray Services by RAA Albuquerque are Convenient and affordable

Walk in X-rays

Here at RAA we offer walk in X-Rays to any self paying patient. The majority of the time the wait will be minimal if you walk in for an X-ray. For those that wish to do a walk in self pay we offer a 20% discount if the amount is paid in full at the time of service.

What are x-rays?

X-rays are produced by passing a small amount of controlled radiation through the body. Radiation from x-rays are absorbed differently by the tissues of the body. These differences are captured on a special film plate that is placed behind the patient. For example, bone absorbs more radiation than soft tissue, making it appear bright white on film. Radiologists use x-ray films to detect and help diagnose certain conditions such as broken bones, pneumonia, and emphysema.

What can I expect during my x-ray examination?

Before the test, you may be asked to change into an examination gown and to remove any metal from your body (eyeglasses, jewelry, watch). Next, you will be taken into the x-ray suite and positioned on an examination table or between a metal box and an apparatus that contains the x-ray tubes.

Once you are in position, the technologist will leave the room and may ask you to hold your breath if x-rays are taken of the chest. Holding your breath is very important because motion of the lungs during regular breathing can blur the images. Next, the technologist will come back into the room and you will most likely be asked to change position to allow imaging from different viewpoints.

After the x-rays have been taken, they will be processed and briefly reviewed by one of our radiologists to make sure that more images are not needed. You will then be asked to change back into your clothes.

After our radiologist has studied your x-ray films in more detail, a report will be sent to your referring physician, who will discuss these results with you and determine a course of action.

Are x-rays safe?

Because this exam involves radiation, special care will be taken to shield your body from scatter radiation with a lead apron. Today’s machines and film only need minimal amounts of radiation to produce a clear, detailed image. Because the radiation is highly controlled and targeted, damage to the cells of the body is very unlikely. The dose of radiation from a standard x-ray is the same amount of radiation that the average person receives from 10 days of naturally occurring background radiation.

If you are in need of an X-ray you may walk into our facility with no appointment at 4411 The 25 Way NE, Suite 150.