MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

MRI Scans by RAA Albuquerque are Convenient and affordable

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Throughout our facilities we have multiple MRI’s available for our patients. We have a open bore MRI that is great for claustrophobic patients. If you need to have a MRI study done you can save time and money by choosing to come to one of our facilities. We can often schedule you same day or next day for an MRI exam. In some cases we can also save you a significant amount of money for your Exam so it is wise to look into costs before having your MRI performed.

What is the cost of an MRI?

MRI costs can vary based on the type of exam and also the insurance plan. Traditionally outpatient imaging centers like us are less expensive than hospital-based imaging providers. We know cost is an important factor in determining where to have your services done. If you would like to compare our costs with other facilities please give us a call and ask for a price estimate for your exam.

What is MRI used for?

MRI is the preferred procedure for diagnosing a large number of potential problems or abnormal conditions in many different parts of the body. In general, MRI creates pictures that can show differences between healthy and unhealthy tissues. Physicians use MRI to examine the brain, spine, joints (e.g., knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, and ankle), abdomen, pelvic region, breast, blood vessels, heart and other body parts.

How should I prepare for my MRI exam?

You will receive a gown to wear during your MRI examination. Before entering the MR system room, you will be asked questions regarding the presence of implants and will be instructed to remove all metal objects from pockets and hair. If you have questions or concerns, discuss them with the MRI technologist.

We are the most convenient place to have your MRI Scan done in Albuquerque. Ask your doctor to refer you to our facility.